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About Corporality Conference

TCorporality Conferences are 2-day events bringing together businessmen, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and inspiring personalities in one platform where they can exchange ideas, learn from the bests, and explore opportunities for future partnerships.

Our events are attended by delegates from different parts of Australia and the world. Aside from the insightful and groundbreaking keynote sessions, they get to enjoy networking opportunities over gala dinner, round table discussions and tea time at the Corporality Conferences.

We also bring together the most sought-after experts from different industries as speakers, all ready to share practical insights to our delegates.

Our Speakers & moderators

Watch out for our announcement of speakers! We're bringing together thought leaders and experts from different parts of Australia to share insightful keynotes on revenue growth, brand positioning, leadership, innovation and other strategies that can help improve your business performance and eventually, help shape the Australian economy.

Networking Scope


Round tables and listening to keynote speeches are great, but nothing can be compared to a one-to-one conversation. Brain dates allow Corporality Club members to communicate directly with fellow colleagues and industry leaders in a small group setting.

The Corporality Global B2B Conference 2022 will be packed with Influencers, market leaders, investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers. So, what are you waiting for? Your next opportunity may just be around the table somewhere waiting for you!

We believe in creating a good relationship and building a bond so you can choose whom you want to communicate with throughout the conference. This opportunity we created is for both days during ‘coffee time’ so you can find your conference friend with whom you can engage with and share insightful thoughts.

Time to close and share cards with the people you might have not got a chance to communicate with yet. People say the best relationships come out during social communication, it's time for you to find one good relationship which you can nurture.


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