Welcome to the Greatest Conference
of B2B Entrepreneurs in 2022

Once a year, a group of highly motivated and impactful people gathers for a 2-full day experience — which participants have described as “the ultimate brain spa” and “a journey into the future businesses of those creating it fearlessly

Conference Objectives

B2B Global conferences for leaders. We empower entrepreneurs to keep the growth intention and achieve sustainability for their business with innovation and strategy. Together, let's find the solution to our regular challenges and risks in the current scenario.

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Who will attend

Attendee job titles include

Entrepreneurs, CEO, CTO, COO, CRO, CIO, CMO, CFO, Head of Marketing, Head of Sales, Head of Finance, Head of IT, IT Consultant, Directors, and Managing Director

Attendee industries include

Architectural, Accountancy/Finance, Banking, Insurance, Management Consulting, Investment, Information Technology Companies, Innovation and Research (R&D) Based Company, Law firms, Marketing, Project Management, Recruitment, Training, Tourism and Hospitality


What’s in it for you?

The Corporality Events will zoom in on the core focus of your business as well as taking a futuristic approach for companies. We believe in growth and innovation. We highly encourage businesses to adopt the change as soon as possible if not proactively. The event will bring new ideas to improve your business strategy. Helping you to build a sustainable business model with appropriate social responsibility is the core of Corporality citizenship.

Featuring experts and thought leaders including successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, this year's conference will explore seven core areas:

Frame-214-1 Sustainable business growth

Frame-214-1 Digital transformation and Brand positioning

Frame-214-1 Taking a Futuristic approach

Frame-214-1Technology Innovation

Frame-214-1 Marketing platforms & automation

Frame-214-1 Cyber Security and Proactive Actions

Frame-214-1 Collaboration and Socialization


Frequently Asked Questions

1What to bring?
No need to bring any device or notebook etc. It will be provided at the event.
2Will there be accommodation for people visiting from outside Sydney?
We will not be able to help with or provide accommodation but some hotel details are listed on the About page for you to choose and make your own arrangement.
3What's the dress code?
It is highly recommended to dress casual yet professional. Since this is an opportunity to connect with not only other colleagues but also your future clients, make sure to leave a good impression. As they say, first impression lasts.
4What is a wish list?
It is something I would like you to share with us so that we can facilitate and connect you with the person you want to build a future relationship with, considering other party is equally interested.
5Do we get a refund if our circumstances change?
Yes you may request a refund but only until 2nd of August. Last minute cancelation will not be accepted.
6What will be the closing entry time for people to attend?
Entering after to join the social event will only be allowed if you register yourself in the morning and will stay in the event. We are looking for fully committed people to join the community and be there for each other. Your co-operation will be highly appreciated.
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